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F1 Clash – Car Racing Manager game by Hutch Games Ltd

F1 ClashGame Description :

Manage your F1® team and race 1v1 in this Official Formula 1® Race Management game. Upgrade your car, train your drivers, and beat the competition. Get racing today!

Play NEW F1® Clash for FREE! Test your wits and emerge victorious in the definitive F1® motorsport manager experience on mobile — F1® Clash!

Compete in thrilling 1v1 sport contests with the toughest rival race drivers from around the world. From PVP Duels and Monthly Exhibitions to Weekly Leagues and Grand Prix™ events held every F1® race day, there are endless ways to make a name for yourself. Will you tell your Drivers to go all out from the first lap, or play the long game and sneak victory on the final corner?

Game Features :

Featuring all the official Circuits, Teams and Drivers from the 2023 FIA Formula One World Championship™, including Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen, Lando Norris and Charles Leclerc.

Rise through the Leagues and win chequered flags to earn epic rewards!

Make split-second management decisions as you go head-to-head in exciting PvP racing modes!

Join a Club and work as a team — earn Reputation for your Club and compete in Exhibitions to win legendary perks!

Recruit and train real-life F1® Drivers to create your ultimate team, complete with unique custom liveries and detailed car tuning.

Set your pit stop strategy while keeping your wits about you in the heat of the race and react to weather changes, worn tyres and severe crashes as you push your vehicles to the limit. Pull off genius tactical management orders.

Tour the globe to race on stunning real-life F1® Circuits.

PLEASE NOTE! F1® Clash is free to download and play, however, some in-game items can also be purchased for real money. F1® Clash includes loot boxes that drop the available items in randomised order. Information about drop rates can be found by selecting a crate in game and tapping the ‘Drop Rates’ button. Crates can be purchased using in-game currency (‘Bucks’), earned through gameplay or won.

Under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 13 years of age to play or download F1® Clash.

A network connection is also required.

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Additional Information :

  • Age Rating 4+
  • Size 1.9 GB
  • Requires iOS 13.0 or later.

User Reviews :

Fun but frustrating

This game has moments of being fun, BUT OMG its so unbalanced. The AI driving will make you insane! Ive watched my car in 3rd place leave pitlane and stop to let the entire field go by, then rejoin in last. Ive watched my drivers turn left in a right hand turn, drive through the grass and lose 6 places for no reason. OR just hit the brakes and come to a dead stop in the middle of turn. The AI needs lots of work…LOTS of work! Winning is arbitrary, because other than changing tires, you play no role in how your team performs. ALSO, it does NOT matter what driver you have or what upgrades you install, the game matches you with someone who has the same stuff…so whats the point. Also the cost of upgrades is on a vertical curve. $20k for level 1…$350k for level 2… and since we can be sure to always have 10 loses to 1 win, unless i spend real money, i cant upgrade.

This game has great potential, but is far from ready. Teach the AI to drive. A driver doesnt make it to F1 with the skills of a weekend rental kart driver. Fix the match balance. Qualy is a joke. And make driver performance predictable, because otherwise its meaningless. (My driver will stay top 5 in one race then live in 24th for the next 5 races)

Developer Response,

Hello, thank you for your review 🙂 A lot of changes happened when the new season started (like a new economic balance to the game) and it might take some time to get used to those changes and adjust your strategy. If you are having difficulties we recommend checking out our Discord for more help from our community!

Almost a great game

First off, if nothing else, you absolutely MUST create a name system. I don’t want to give away my full name and facebook profile picture to every single person I play, and this needs to be changed. This has got to be a privacy issue. There needs to be an emblem/picture system as well as a naming system in place so people can override their name and photo being used. Secondly, this game NEEDS statistics. You should be able to see a comprehensive view of race history as well as a full stat history somewhere in the main menu, it would not only be really helpful but cool and interesting to look at as well. Additionally, there really should be car presets available so I can save different specs on my car and try them out without having to remember each setup and manually switch each part every time. Lastly, I really think there needs to be another mode other than the clash and weekly events. Maybe it could be a full season, maybe it could be a full 10 person race, maybe it could be a tournament system, but the game still just feels bare right now. As an added bonus, I think there should be more player-player interaction – maybe some sort of clan system, friends, chats, all of the sort. Ultimately, this is a really fun game but it is missing key aspects of a great game that I continue to return to for a long while.

Developer Response,

Hello, thank you for your review! Glad you are enjoying the game. Many of your suggestions were added to the game in recent updates and we hope you are enjoying them. If you ever need help from us or want to send us more suggestions, you can always contact us directly via Settings > Help & Support or support@hutchgames.com

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