Driving Zone 2 – Give you a lot of adrenaline

Driving Zone 2 – Car Racing game by Alexander Sivatsky

Driving Zone 2Game Description :

Tune your car and drive in open world without ads and with no limits. Street racing games with police chase will give you a lot of adrenaline and great driving experience

Driving Zone 2 is a racing simulator with realistic car physics, stunning graphics and innovative gameplay.

This Pro version of the game is completely without ads and gives you double earning from races, also the cars have no limited health and will never break down.

You can choose from a huge range of cars, from urban hatchbacks, to luxury business sedans and powerful sports cars designed for racing. Great opportunities of tuning allow you to modify any of your cars visually and technically. All cars have detailed body and interior with a dashboard, that is illuminated at night, this creates the effect of full presence and realism.

Earn points by making dangerous overtakes at high speed, but beware of the police, which will chase you for the accident, running a red light and speeding. Driving Zone 2 is a racing game for fans of extreme driving.

Game Features :

You have an open game world with dangerous turns and hills, and also unpredictable intersections. Drive in any direction during the day and at night, through the city streets and country roads with their impressive landscapes. Be careful on the winter road with its snow-capped roadsides, going on it it will lead to drifts and slips. Road traffic lives its own life and adheres the rules of the road. With experience of driving, you can increase the density of traffic, in order to increase the difficulty of the game.

In the simulator of street racing Driving Zone 2 engine sound of vehicles, and also their technical characteristics correspond to real ones. Use the tuning system to improve the technical specifications of your cars. For example, buying engine upgrades will give you a speed boost, the setting of sport transmission will open the drive selection option, buying the advanced suspension, you will be able to modify the ground clearance and wheel camber, the installation of nitro allows you to reach the maximum speed.

You can improve the exterior of your car. The game contains a huge range of settings for changing both external and internal elements of the car. Disks, spoilers, air intakes, neon light on the bottom, steering wheel and even headlights, all this and much more can be modified according to your taste. Create your own unique car and show it to the world using photo mode.

Additional Information :

  • Age Rating 12+
  • Size 386.4 MB
  • Requires iOS 11.0 or later.

User Reviews :

Great game but needs some adjustments

This game is great but I live in the USA and we don’t use the metric system there should be a setting where you could change from metric to standard another thing you guys should add is cruise control into the game it is hard maintaining a speed that is under 75 kilometers because if you go over 75 kilometers you get arrested one more thing is that you should add a ticket system every time you speed and get chased by the police you immediately get arrested instead if you get chased they should take some of your points instead of you getting arrested if you don’t have the proper amount of points to pay them then you should get arrested this is a very nice fun game and I think that if you applied these changes it would make the game even better than it already is!

Great game but you like, NEED TO UPDATE

Hello, I’ve been playing ur game recently and you need to update, and here are some suggestions: 1. Add some game modes like racing, car soccer, parkour and drift racing 2. Add different roads types like dirt roads and maps like dirt roads in an African map and 6 way highways in a Japan map. 3. Add more cops that can join you for a chase add a EXTREME DIFFICULTY where if you pass a cop car too fast more cop cars (5 cops) will join the chase 4. Add more cars like minivans and pickups. 6. Actual working door features and blinkers and horn plz. 7. Add multiplayer with chat it would make it a lot more social. 7. Add animals like in the African map add zebras. 8. Add brighter days and building were you can walk in them. 9. Make a better updating schedule it’s been 5 months Since you’ve updated so plz. 10. Better graphics PC like graphics but not to hard that the game crashes test it before. 11. Add different ai cars depending on the map, 12. Add county’s and states and add ai cars based off of the country. 13. Add characters and customization. Last 2 are add seasonal events and add better car customization like spoilers and body kits. It was all just a suggestion but please add at least 1 of the stuff I suggested plz, it would make the game better, ok bye!

Great but here’s some ideas…

This is an awesome game! Great job! Although, there are some flukes and ideas you should add. First, you should add a map where it’s just open, free. We would be able to use this to see how fast we can get our Cars to go. Or you could make it an option to completely shut off traffic. Also, either making the speed limit higher or making a cruise control of some sort. It is very hard to keep speed to not get pulled over. Also, a fluke is when I am going the speed limit and a car pulls out in front of me and we get into an accident then I get pulled over. Now, I know this is not a very big deal and it doesn’t happen often but it is kind of annoying.

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