Drive Zone Online – Become a true racer

Drive Zone Online game by Jet Games FZ-LLC

Drive Zone OnlineGame Description :

Burn your tires on the asphalt and go to the “Grand Car Parking City”. Participate in street racing, drifting, drag racing online and become a true racer.

Game Features :

Endless open world
Resort coastline measuring 20x20km
City, desert airfield, racing track, airport, highway, beach area, port and many other areas
Up to 32 players with you online
Tens of kilometers of roads and hundreds of hidden bonuses on the map

Auto and tuning
50+ cars including vintage cars, supercars, suvs, hypercars
30+ body kits for each car. Rims, bumpers, spoilers, bodykits, liveries.
Free vinyl editor with which you can draw your personal skin of any complexity
Suspension and camber adjustments to improve vehicle handling and appearance
The engine and gearbox are pumped, which will help to defeat your rivals
Each car has a well-designed interior and engine, all doors, hood and trunk open!

Great graphics
Realistic DZO graphics create the coolest picture in a mobile phone game
Detailed interior of the car allows you to play in the first person with impressive emotions
High performance allows you to play not only on powerful devices
Advanced graphics settings will allow you to choose everything you need

No boundaries. Earn money for new cars not only by participating in races, but also by simply performing stunts and gaining drift points or by selling your cars and skins to other players on the market like a real outbid.

DRIFT mode – you and other players will compete for the most drift points
CAR RACE mode – the winner will be the one who crosses the finish line first, avoiding a severe accident
SKILL TEST mode – race around insane ski jump karts
Driving school, where you will be taught to drive a car with dignity, will let you test many cars and after passing will be rewarded with special awards.
Auto market – trade with other players and wager RP to earn or get rare and valuable items
Hundreds of tasks, quests and achievements with their own rewards

Follow the news and participate in regular contests and polls that are held on social networks:

Take part and help with your ideas in the development of the project by answering, for example, the following questions:
Does the game need city police?
Do you like drifting and driving physics?

What are you waiting for, Driver.. Welcome to the family, your new friends are waiting for you. Start your car and go beyond the horizon of the Drive Zone Online!

Additional Information :

  • Age Rating 12+
  • Size 1.8 GB
  • Requires iOS 16.0 or later.

User Reviews :

Really fun

This game is a fun open world and racing game made for people to enjoy a sport on their phone! One problem though is that the cars you can buy with the free in game currency is limited.

Developer Response,

Hi. Thanks for the review! In our game, player-to-player trading is available from level 40. You can buy absolutely any car using in-game credits


I’m currently playing the rookie cup while using the brz. I first used it stock for a while then hit a race where the npc seemed faster than me. I upgrade the car right before the race level limit ( class C level 589) (limit 600) I get back into the race and the cars are still doing the same as before. Then they seem to slam on the breaks in a corner and somehow still match my speed coming out.. and while I try to pass the npc it proceeds to ram into my car not allowing my to pass. Causing me to spin out. I restarted and it did the same thing I tried passing but it purposely ran into me. Then I would try to fight it barely getting pass while it seems like I’m fighting a diesel truck but yet it hits me and I’m spinning out. I’ve tried to speed by it as it brakes hard on the turn but it somehow matches my speed and I would say it magnetized against me not allowing me to break free, even if I crank my car away from the npc it proceeds to still push me against the wall or making me spin out. NOT ENJOYABLE.

Developer Response,

Hi! We’re sorry the bot competition inconvenienced you. In the next updates we will try to optimize the AI weight. Thank you for your feedback.

Great Game and has plenty of potential!

December 18:

After dedicating a solid week to this game, I must say it’s been a challenging yet enjoyable experience! Despite a few quirks that warrant a 4-star rating, the grind is genuinely rewarding with enticing incentives to keep going. The abundance of tasks to tackle and undiscovered racing maps ensures I’m never short on things to do. However, it’s worth noting a couple of bugs, like occasional disconnections from private rooms with a crowd or persistent music issues even when the volume is down.

First a friendly reminder before passing harsh judgments: The IOS version launched on December 1st, 2023,. Given its recent release, encountering bugs is par for the course. My optimism stems from the active engagement of the developers within the community. If they maintain this responsiveness and continue to heed the fanbase, I anticipate swift and consistent bug resolution.

(I will update when I have more information)

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