DOP 2 – Let your imagination run wild

DOP 2 – Delete One Part game by SayGames LTD

DOP 2Game Description :

Think you’re smart? Then delete one part!

Download this popular brain game and use logic to solve fun and clever puzzles!

Game Features :


Playing is easy! Just touch the screen and drag your finger to erase part of the drawing and see what lies behind it. The game may seem simple, but looks can be deceiving…

Like a detective’s magnifying glass, your eraser is the key to unraveling the hidden mysteries of this thinking game. You will have to become a shrewd sleuth and investigate the pictures carefully to locate clues. But you can never be sure what kind of surprises you’re going to find under the surface!


Let your imagination run wild! Will the criminal succeed in robbing a bank, or will the police catch him first? What is the wife hiding from her husband?

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Free a genie from an ancient forgotten lamp, sculpt pottery, and catch a villainous murderer — and that’s all just in the first 30 levels!

Make the most of your free time by playing an engaging brain game that will sharpen your wit. With DOP 2, you can chill out and get smarter at the same time! Level up your brain while you level up in the game!


Jump right into the simple and straightforward gameplay of this thinking game: just swipe your finger across your phone screen to erase parts of the drawing and reveal what’s underneath. The mechanics may be easy, but the puzzles will keep your brain guessing!

Investigate hundreds of entertaining levels chock-full of tricky brain teasers. No two puzzles are the same! Each level stimulates your brain to approach a problem in a new way.

Discover the unexpected twists hiding behind every image! Each stroke of your eraser will uncover a new, deeper layer to the story depicted in the drawing. Only you can make the invisible visible!

Enjoy the delightful graphics with their unique cartoon style and cute animations.

Provides hours of fun for teens, seniors, and anyone in between who wants to keep their brain sharp!

The optional music, sound effects, and vibration settings give you more control over your gameplay experience.

Strengthen your reasoning skills and put your mind to the test with a relaxing and amusing thinking game. The best part is that there is no way to mess up or fail: if you erase the wrong thing, the picture will just reset! The point is to make you think, not make you cry!

But you’ll still have to think outside the box to master this brain game! Who knew solving logic puzzles could be so enjoyable and satisfying?!

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Additional Information :

  • Age Rating 17+
  • Size 337.3 MB
  • Requires iOS 12.0 or later.

User Reviews :


It needs to have better music playing in the background harder levels in the beginning to see if the person actually likes it but I recommend getting it if you’re just making a chill one day instead of like to play games go to the last level three in the morning to be good but if you don’t have random one and make it like go to the front go to you why do breaking random do you like you can show random one is but when you do bring them to you do not need to start a easy start it hard harder than the end of rain tomorrow thank you I would like a reply from the manager by the way my name is Hayden and Clifford I am not a boy and you best not come back with a matter of you

Needs work – here’s why.

So basically, the age recommendation of this app is 17+.. which I don’t get, because majority of these players of it are most likely under that age. As a mature child, I believe this app needs a major update. Here’s why.

First of all, the content is very inappropriate. Now, I know the age recommendation of this is 17+, but these developers are trying to not get in trouble. Me and plenty others whom have played this app know that. Most children may find this game on other mobile game when it’s being advertised, which is fine. But the thing is, this app may have weird perverted content, and if this is influenced to children, that’s not a good thing, which can may or may not make these poor kids into perverts, or simply start thinking about what this is.

That’s the most part of it. And I’m not going to talk about the ads because there’s plenty of other reviews only on the ads. I’m not that mad about that though, because that’s just how they make money.

Developer Response,

Hello, and thank you for your feedback! Ads help us make game development, maintenance, and updates free for all users. If you change your mind, we will be delighted to welcome you back!

I really love how there’s not a lot of ads!

Hi, I got this app a couple of days ago and ever since I have been hooked on this game. Most games that you get have a lot of ads and they are probably long to, but not this game, you only get ads every 15 or 20 mini games. I have wrote a bunch of reviews satiating that there are a lot of ads, but for a change I’m not….:) I am super happy that I can play this game without ads everywhere that I look☺️….:) To the person that reading this thanks for your time and I hope that you got the game and love it like me…:)



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