DIY Paper Doll – Unleash your imagination

DIY Paper Doll game by Crazy Labs

DIY Paper DollGame Description :

DIY Paper Doll is a dress-up fashion game based on the classic paper arts and crafts that we all love and remember. In this adorable game, you get to be the creator of your own doll life! Customize your dolls by choosing from the wide variety of clothing options, accessories, hair styles, and makeup looks. Design doll characters to interact with and enter unique stories and plots.

Unleash your imagination and upgrade your creative skills!

Game Features :

Style your avatar with 1000+ items
Unlock fashion collections so your doll’s style stays on trend
Personalize your doll’s skin tone, eye color, hairstyle, & makeup
Create diary entries with photos of your dolls in different environments
And so much more!

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Additional Information :

  • Age Rating 12+
  • Size 222.3 MB
  • Requires iOS 12 or later.

User Reviews :

Great game but…

I love this game and I think it’s so entertaining and exciting to see what happens next! It’s an amazing game to play on a plane or a long car ride. The thing I like about this game is that you need NO Wi-Fi I am about 95 percent sure. Also if ads pop up all you need to do is put your device on airplane mode! I absolutely love this game and think you should download it. But there are a few bugs. Sometimes when I dress someone up like the guy somethimes the girl, they come out with nothing on except the thing you would wear under your clothes an other thing is when I leave the game in the middle of the little story that happens it makes me do it all over again. Those the only bugs I have seen but this game again is the perfect game to play on no Wi-Fi and other stuff and PLEASE download it it’s SO fun – Emily. This is a note to the person who made this game. Hi! I LOVE this game and I think it’s awesome. I don’t know how many levels there are but please make a lot I play like 20 levels in one day ehe again I LOVE THiS APP bye! – again Emily

Good and fun game, however..

Honestly, I love the game. But as with all mobile games there’s a lot of ads throughout the gameplay. While this is undeniably annoying, it’s understandable for the developers to make their wage; leading off that the frequent ads are irritable but understandable. So if you’re okay with the ads popping up every now and then I would say go ahead and download the game. However at a certain level of the game, I was able to adopt a dog, named Bella. Who I assume is female. This is where we run into another minor issue with the paper doll game. Bella was able to buy a outfit at the store for what I would say is for females. Afterwards, though I thought the dog was a girl, the game continued misgendering the dog, saying ‘he’ when talking about the dog. I know this was probably just default settings as the two other dogs you could choose were assumably male. Since this is most likely the case, the whole thing is a minor matter, but still very worthy of fixing. Id also like to add the AI voice for the doll is slightly unsettling, and could be tweaked.

Thank you for your time,



I loved this game so much! It was so Interesting and you could actually keep playing it without getting bored. My only problem is I got so addicted to it I raced through it! And when I found I was pregnant I got so excited!!!! But I didn’t even get to see the baby be born!! The docter even said “we will see the gender next time.” THERE IS NO NEXT TIME!!

Now I’m really sad that my only option is just to start over and play the same story over and over again. I really wanted that dialog to continue, I really wanted to see my baby!!! Maybe you could add more?? But I really don’t want to start over to get there if you do add more levels. So maybe for those ones who already finished it you can go back on levels?? Ty! This is a really fun game I got addicted to it TOO MUCH! I really wanted it to continue and to see my baby soooo baddd I didn’t even find out the genderrrr !! But I’ll just give this game a 5 stars just how fun it is!! And that’s my review.

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