Warz Law of survival – Welcome to the real Doomsday world

(Game) Warz Law of survival

Warz Law of survivalGame Description :

WarZ:Law of survival is a new multiplayer online version of the Battle Royale game. It is not only necessary to beware of human sneak attacks, but also to be careful about zombies’ attacks. You must collect materials and establish your own camp. Join the guild, find allies, the goal is only one: survive!

Game Features :

Advice to survivors

Wild wild scenes are diverse
Killing zombies, fighting against viruses, plundering loot, and obtaining airdrops provide a thrilling experience. Hospitals filled with viruses, abandoned schools, and misty woodlands… There are many scenarios, and the war situation is changing at any time!

Fully armed to defend homeland
Collecting materials Continuously manufacturing and upgrading weapons, selecting the appropriate defensive suit according to the scene, building a place for themselves in the wilderness and protecting it from damage

Multiplayer Online Association Help
With online players around the world, repair the signal tower to open the guild, contact other survivors to seek outside help!

Real scenes are clear in quality
The scene is close to real life, the scenery can be cycled in four seasons, the picture quality is high-definition, and the style is exquisite!

Welcome to the real Doomsday world. You need to get a lot of resources. Resist powerful zombies and guard against raids! Maybe you will feel despair and loneliness in this process, but why the world is occupied by zombies, you need to find out the secret. Please strive to survive to the end!

Facebook: www.facebook.com/WarZ-survival-867255676789139

Additional Information :

  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
  • Requires iOS 7.0 or later.
  • Size 441.3 MB

User Reviews :

  1. So far I’ve enjoyed the game about 15 hours in. Most of the game has made sense following the tutorial and I haven’t been surprised by most things showing up suddenly. Earlier today though my character had to pee. Which was an unknown mechanic to me considering there isn’t a bar or anything for it. So my character was unable to fight the survivor near him until he relieved himself. This led to a death that I couldn’t stop considering the length of time the animation takes as well as the timer resetting when taking damage. Besides that I’ve enjoyed the game so far.
  2. 40+ hours into the game and this is my opinion.
    This game takes too long long to enjoy, I haven’t even been able to make my radio tower to talk to other people…SO DUMB!
    I haven’t been able to expand the area I can search for two huge reasons. I can’t make the boat to leave because of the amount of items needed to make it. You need items that require a certain bench, but to get that bench*dismantle bench* you need items from that bench to make it. *copper wire* EVEN MORE DUMB! Let’s not even start on the monsters, the difference between the hardest monster you will encounter in your area to the next harder monster is 10x-15x harder. Well again DUMB! p2p players obviously have huge advantages also. 3/5 stars. Fun game if you have tons of time!

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