Super Dangerous Dungeons – Run and jump your way through trap and puzzle

(Game) Super Dangerous Dungeons

Super Dangerous Dungeons  Game Description :

Pocket Gamer Silver Award
A super sharp-edged, but super enjoyable retro platforming challenge
Pocket Gamer, 8/10
Super Dangerous Dungeons is just a good, solid platformer
TouchArcade, 4 stars
Hop into a challenging platforming adventure with the little treasure hunter Timmy! Run and jump your way through trap and puzzle filled corridors, but watch out: the rooms are full of spikes, pits, and other deadly dangers. Do you have what it takes to conquer the dangerous dungeons and reach the legendary treasure?

Game Features :

Over 60 challenging levels, including bosses and secret stages!
Stylish and retro pixel art graphics!
SNES inspired retro soundtrack by KungFuFurby!
Time Trial mode and leaderboards for fastest completion times!
Achievements to prove your dungeon mastery!

Additional Information :

  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
  • Requires iOS 8 or later.
  • Size 101.4 MB

User Reviews :

  1. I love it! However the game has been showing one issue for me. It has lag. Yes I know that updating it can contribute to that but the game is updated fully and it still won’t not lag. Its not even normal lag either where the game won’t respond to the level but its jumping lag. Every time I jump and move to get to the next platform the game lags mid jump and sets me back a little and I end up not making the jump, dying, and having to restart the whole level again. This has been specifically happening in the fire dungeon and the finale stage in the lighting dungeon. If you could fix this issue then the game would be much funner and not as frustrating to play then it should be. Other then that the game is well made and fun to play with beautiful graphics.
  2. If you are looking for a challenging retro platform game, you might love this. But if you are looking for a less intense blast from the past this might not be for you. This game reminded me of the platform games I played years ago. The setup and graphics are true to that retro feel and when I first started playing I was loving it. Until I got to the really tricky levels! It’s easy to figure out what you need to accomplish, but in some of the harder levels you need absolutely perfect to the split second timing combined with perfectly executed maneuvers. Add in the touch controls that aren’t always perfectly responsive and you have a recipe for frustration. If you die half a second from the end you have to start all over again. I pushed through at first and just died dozens and dozens of times, but when these time crunch levels kept popping up I finally gave up. In my opinion the difficulty was harder much earlier on than in the games from my past. It goes from super easy to insanely difficult. I’m looking for something in between.
  3. It reminds of the old platform era where precision is key and deaths are unforgiving. I believe they mentioned in the credits it was a remake of a 2011 original version. But anyway, the levels are short but they are hard too. But they are also pretty creative and it feels great when you beat them. Some levels I speed through with no deaths others, I died probably more times than I count. Especially the secret level for the gold location and the final boss level . Also for the final boss you have to do the hidden levels for each location to unlock it. The final boss level almost made me give up. But the challenge is why I love this game so much. The reward to overcoming these crazy frustrating levels are worthwhile. Those challengers out there know what I am talking about. Great game with cute story too. I like how our character looks like link’s cousin lol. It fits wince he is all about dungeons. Just made me like it even more. I haven’t attempted the time trials, but I am trying out the extra levels which are fun and creative as the ones in the main game.

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