Super Cat Tales 2 – It’s up to our cat heroes to save the day

(App) Super Cat Tales 2

Super Cat Tales 2  App Description :

The best cat platformer is back!
Join Alex the cat and his friends in this new epic Super Cat Tales sequel. A mysterious army of tin soldiers has invaded Neko Land and it’s up to our cat heroes to save the day.

Super Cat Tales 2 is a pure mix of platforming fun and explorative adventure, custom made for mobile touch controls. Play it right meow!

App Features :

Play 100+ levels!!
Unlock new cats
Explore villages
Equip neat items
Discover hidden secrets
Retro pixel art and music
Achievements and leaderboards

Additional Information :

  • Size 120.8 MB
  • Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

User Reviews :

Three super cat tales 2 glitches

Look, I’m just a regular fan who found glitches so the names are just made up. 1. Slow Katz: you just talk to captain kallio skipping everything as fast as you could and just go out and see the snowstorm and somehow just randomly the game just gets slow right after something fast. 2.floating Katz: I have no idea about how this glitch happened but somehow in return to the swamp, the cat just sinks into the ground when on the ground but when you press left or right fast enough, the cat just floats. Even if you change the cat you still float. 3. Freezing Katz: just so you know, the ‘’freezing’’ meant like the game soft locked. I know how to do this glitch!!! In Kaze towers, when you go to the door that leads to the place where there is this someone who gives the key to the sky labyrinth, okay, so you just go there, look at the door, equip the balloon item, float, and when the balloon pops, hold left until you land and the game. just. soft locks. I downloaded the game on the AppStore and to undo the glitches, just restart the app (don’t delete it)!

Fun fact:

Did you know that in the super cat tales timeline, Super cat tales 2 is actually before the first? Watch the video “super cat tales timeline” for more info.

Please just go with Shriyans instead of Shriyansp8.

Great game but inconveniencing

A lot of love went into this game and you can tell. The story actually has some dept for a side scrolling mobile game. Though this game does have some caveats for any non gamers looking for a game similar to Mario or Kirby.

1. Coin grinding. Unless you’re willing to spend $10, collecting the right amount of coins is going to feel like a chore. You’d have to repeatedly replay a specific level more than 50 times to grind for coins to proceed in the game. Personally I think this creator is worth the $10 but if you can’t pay then prepare for repeating 2-4.

2. YOU ARE GOING DIE over and over and over again. Not going to lie, this game is going to be frustrating because sheer amount of death you’ll experience. Some deaths are permanent, some are due to monkeys, and some are due to impatience. You’d either have to be patient or play better, you’re stilling going to die a bunch though.

3. Platforming in the later stages becomes unnecessarily difficult. If you want to beat the game, you gotta work on your platforming during this game. You don’t get punished in early stages but once you get to world 7.. oof

TLDR: It’s not all sunshine and rainbows in this cute kitty cat game. Be prepared for fun, rage, tears, and lots of death. Seriously.. you’ll die.. a lot..

Great game.

I don’t usually write reviews but when I played this game, I knew I had to.

I love how you can switch cats on the fly, something cat tales 1 didn’t let you do. The mechanic is so overused yet in this game it seems so original. All cats play pretty distinctly and have their own abilities. When I first picked up the game I thought it was going to be simple, joystick controls. When I loaded the first level, and saw the controls which are very hard to describe other than weird, I thought of deleting the game. But after the third level I had gotten used to it and the controls were pretty easy to understand. This is a game with unusual controls but nevertheless is easy to control. I’ve seen reviews with people saying the controls are broken, to them, I say try harder.

The soundtrack astonished me at first because I’ve never really played a mobile game with such a good soundtrack. So play this game for yourself and enjoy everything this game has to offer.

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