Sprint RPG – Pick up your mighty sword

(Game) Sprint RPG

Sprint RPG  Game Description :

The dusty Bone Dungeon awaits, full of treasure and peril…

Pick up your mighty sword,
Embrace your trusted shield,
Put your high heels on… and RUN!

Smite enemies at record speed in this Rogue-lite game of fast-paced combat and memory.
Defeat the Bone King and his skeletal monster horde and make your bid for freedom.

Game Features :

Race against the clock in your wooden clogs or soft slippers.
Hack, slash, fish-slap or fly swat enemies with epic weapons.
Memorise enemy patterns and outwit the smartest of foes.
Collect all the monsters in your bestiary handbook.
Fill your shelves with priceless lost relics.
Dress to impress and dazzle your enemies with that stylish disco wig!
Test your bravery and gain the highest score in endless mode.
One-handed gameplay (You’ll need a free hand to pull your hair out!)

Important Information

This game contains third party advertising and cross promotion from other Nitrome games, both which can be removed via a one time In App Purchase.

Additional Information :

  • Size 33.6 MB
  • Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

User Reviews :

  1. I grew up on 1st person dungeon crawls like Bard’s Tale, so it’s wired into my brain to love the design aesthetic here. Really it’s almost a rhythm game minus music. You have to memorize the right combos for each enemy. Starting at about level 10, you really can’t afford to make a single mistake, so it becomes very challenging. Overall it’s very fun and addictive, but I’d love to see a little more depth on the “RPG” side. Gaining a level has no appreciable effect (in fact it does not even say what level you are), and items you buy are purely cosmetic. I wish there was some kind time bonus that could be either found or cast as a spell. Multiple paths through the dungeon would be cool, even if arbitrary, creating more of a feeling of exploration. How about some traps as well as just monsters? Fun game overall, and a keeper, but maybe an update or two away from greatness.
  2. Let me say first that I do like this game. I love the aesthetic and concept of crawling through a dungeon and making your way to the end. I’m normally not a fan of timed games where I feel rushed but I made an exception with this one. Earning gold to buy different accessories was fun and finding the treasures throughout the game was something to look forward to each time I played. However, the one MAJOR complaint I have is the fact that when you don’t complete a level they make you go to the previously level before you can make progress again. What the friggin heck? How does that make any sense? Can’t be from an money perspective because you can’t buy a way to surpass this. Only spend money on gold that only gives you cosmetic items. So why make it so you get set back a level? It’s only purpose is to agitate the player knowing when you were this close to finishing a level that you have to go back to the previous one. Devs, please give me a reason as to why you implemented this. I’m stuck on 15 but continuously have to do 14 just to get there. What other game makes you do this? Would it make sense in super Mario bro’s to go back to lvl 1 because you can’t beat lvl 2? Totally asinine. I wish this game was more fleshed out but for what it is I have no motivation to further complete the game. No worth my time. Glad I didn’t spend any money on this game because it ain’t worth it to anybody. Try again nitrile.
  3. I haven’t played mobile games in a while but this was a great refresher. I loved it and beat it. I loved the level mechanism that made it so you have to beat two levels in a row in order to progress, I saw others complaining but it was obviously purposeful…. it was frustrating but also made the game a lot more interesting. It might have been nicer if the game were a little more rewarding for speed, since it was really fun just spamming the buttons to go really fast, but making a few mistakes as a result usually caused me to lose. To beat the game I actually had to slow down and focus so I didn’t make any mistakes. More of a time reward after you do some insanely fast maneuvering might be fun. But I respect the design and have been playing nitrome games since the start <3

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