Sneak Ops – Do you accept the mission

(Game) Sneak Ops

Sneak OpsGame Description :

A new sneaking mission every day! Sneak Ops is a strategic, stealth based action game where the goal is to not get caught! Do you accept the mission?

Knock out guards, avoid security cameras and crawl through tunnels in this high tech military base that changes daily.

Game Features :

A new level each day with new locations, traps, and more
Everyone in the world gets the same level each day. Will you be first to master it?
Earn badges for each day you complete
Unlock 20 different characters
Go back and master any daily missions you didn’t complete
Fun stealth action for all skill levels

Addition Information :

  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
  • Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • Size 48.2 MB

User Reviews :

  1. This is a good game, rather fun and I can imagine playing it for a while, defiantly going to get the remove ads as it’s offline play as well. I just can’t understand how it’s getting away with copying leap day so much and so obviously though.
    It’s not much different graphically and character wise as it’s that old retro play, character selection is the same even with the play sign, randomly generated levels everyday but the same for everyone, it’s play with one thumb style, you unlock characters the same way/the reward system is the same even with the prize box (except for you get duplicates in this which I’ve already got which is disheartening), you can watch a video to play an old level, you can’t get enough roms to to do every checkpoint so you can watch a video or just try and miss a checkpoint every now and then, the achievements are pretty much exactly the same just have different names, you can also buy it the same to remove ads. I guess it’s because out of all of this, it still is a completely different game play, sneaking and such, reminds me of metal gear solid. Still though. Wow lol.
  2. Sneak Ops is by far the best Stealth game of this month so far! Although it may not throw long Ads at you, Thank you Noodle! Anyways, I recommend this game to all gamers who enjoy a challenge and have to plan ahead before going forwards.However, the enemy AI is balanced, it has great challenging rooms to go through. But the main issue comes later in the game where you have gotten to the much more crazy room designs. Some of the placements are what ruins this game from having 5 Stars!Hope you fix this Noodle!

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