Smash Bandits Racing – Get your hands on the fastest road car on the planet

(Game) Smash Bandits Racing

Smash Bandits RacingGame Description :

IPOD 4 USERS: We’re sorry but Smash Bandits is not supported on iPod 4

Named as one of TouchArcade’s Top 10 Games of the year 2013. From the makers of Smash Cops – crash through America in the craziest road race to hit the App Store.

Power up to faster cars, get the edge with getaway gadgets and outrun the cops as you speed to the state line.

Game Features :

Well, almost. Whichever route you take through an ever-changing world of dirt tracks and dusty logging towns you can crash and bash your way through smashable scenery in the most intense display of destruction you have ever seen.

Make sure you’re always ahead of the game (and the cops) with cool car upgrades. Start with a puny compact and make it awesome with extra speed, handling and strength. And when you start earning big, you might just get your hands on the fastest road car on the planet, the stunning Hennessey Venom GT.

What crazy road race would be complete without a TV chopper hovering overhead? The further you get and the more you smash, the bigger the TV ratings and the more cash you earn. Play against your Facebook and Game Center friends to see who can become the most famous Bandit on network TV.

Before you head off you get to choose something to help you along the way. Stinger-proof tires, the ‘Stunner’ car taser and even a tank are available to give you the edge over the relentless Sheriff McBride and his deputies.

Innovative one-finger control makes it super easy to drive, drift & spin your car, and unleash those helpful gadgets – no matter where you’re playing.

The Smash Bandits race organisers don’t think that simply out-running the cops is a big enough problem, so they’ve put together over 100 challenges where you can test your driving skills to the limit.

Additional Information :

  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
  • Requires iOS 7.0 or later.
  • Size 663.4 MB

User Reviews :

  1. I’ve had this game for a long time and I just got to say, I’m a guy who plays the game for like 5 seconds and then deletes it, but this! This is like the best iOS game on the planet! It is really the best game EVER!!! You should probably add more updates though…and online! If you could. Maybe add more cars like a semi truck. Or a winter mode and mountains and a rain mode. Also a night mode (with headlights…) and more to the map…like a lot more. It gets kind of boring when there’s like a mile of map. This is just the best but should be better with these ideas…also if this game would have an good update like this…I would cry from happiness. This game helps my anxiety for some reason too. God it’s just the best! Please add some of this stuff!!!!
  2. First of all, the game is nearly great, but the main problems is that the game isn’t updated. Some other things is that the damage system is a little weird. I can barely scrape the back of my car on something and it damages it, yet I can drive directly into a cop car and not get damaged. You also don’t get the cash from he items that cops will destroy while trying to take you down. One of the other problems is that the police cars don’t have a limit to how much they can destroy, which eventually makes it harder to take them down. Otherwise, an awesome game that I really recommend.
  3. This game is really fun. But every time I play it I get more and more frustrated because the damage system is kinda BS. If you so much as scrape any building or cop car you take damage. Sometimes, on you scrape a building, you take 2 or 3, which pretty much ends the run unless you can keep it alive. Puncture proof tires is the only gadget that anyone uses. The game throws WAY too many cops at you. In the beginning, it’s like 2 every 15 seconds. By 5 minutes in, it’s a squad of 5 every 15 seconds, with a seat van. The patrol vehicles should not have the same stats as you, and interceptors and patrol cars should have less smash than you. Also, any cop case you are touching you should also get points for when they inevitably steal an entire yard full of smashy stuff. Fun game, needs some balance.

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