Silly Walks – The evil Blender has kidnapped your friends

(Game) Silly Walks

Silly Walks  Game Features :

Silly Walks is a one-tap adventure game where everyday-household-objects have come to life!
The evil Blender has kidnapped your friends for later blending-purposes – you must rescue them!

Play as a Pineapple, Cupcake, Hot Dog, Noodles, or as many other characters.
Avoid getting squashed by Meat Hammers, run away from Cheese Graters and don’t get cut by Kitchen Knives!

Game Description :

Lots of Silly action!
A bunch of Silly characters to play with!
Challenge your friends!
Boss levels!
Racing mode!
Endless fun!
iCloud backups!
And much much more…

Before downloading, please be aware that this game is super awesome and you’ll really like it.

Additional Information :

  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
  • Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Size 250.7 MB

User Reviews :

Wow, this game is great! I’ve passed all the levels and got all the stars. I was so obsessed with this game until I finished all levels. I ended up deleting it after going through all levels a second time. This game is my favorite ever and I would love a Silly Walks 2! Please take my advice because I think a lot of other people would like this too! Maybe you could use some things from the first one too and add more characters to choose from. Also, I love this game but on the first Silly Walks I had a hard time beating the bosses. Maybe make them easier or take them out if you make another Silly Walks. I ended up getting through the bosses after a while though but if you make it easier it would be less time. Another thing that you could do differently is maybe adding more levels because of how addicting this game is! I was so addicting I didn’t play anything else and I got through the whole game very quickly so more levels would be great! Thanks so much and I love your work!

I was looking forward to playing the app Silly Walks as it was on the app stores front page. I downloaded the app and thought it was great well, at first. The app was great then I go onto the next level the second level. It was too hard for me of course it may not be hard for anyone else but it was too hard for me I couldn’t get past the waffle iron without getting burned. I tried to dashing. That wouldn’t work! Just a little hard – at least for me. Second thing. I was looking forward to this super cute little foods. I thought oh maybe if I get more foods would be easier for me to get pass through certain levels. But when I tried every single watch your video to get this fruit food. Nothing helped! And out was a tip to if you look at the app. So I do you spend a lot of time watching stupid videos that are pointless. The cubes are very hard to get in my opinion. Please make it easier to get cubes or new characters. If you are actually reading this please respond! I’d love to hear your response but overall I think that is OK. Just please fix this.

This game really is a little gem I didn’t know what the gameplay was going to be like as I just downloaded 3 games at once to play while sitting in the car pool to pick up my brother and this game totally surprised me! It’s simple but fun, The art style and characters are stylized food items and the hazards are different kitchen utensils. Each level revolves around breaking your food friends out of a cage at the end of the level. New hazards are introduced at a steady pace and there’s even short cinematic’s for new bosses and items. Really glad I downloaded this game, the ads are evenly spaced and are about 20 seconds each but set further apart than most games. The characters are easily unlockable and there’s even a mini game that’s a racing game. Definitely give this game a try if you’re looking for a simple but fun and interesting puzzle-ish game.

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