School Bus Simulator 3D – Avoid all the obstacles and keep an eye on the timer

(Game) School Bus Simulator 3D

School Bus Simulator 3DGame Description :

It’s your NEW job as the School Bus Driver. Can you prove to everyone that you’re the perfect fit?

From the makers of super hit driving games like Parking Frenzy and High School Driving Test comes a challenging 3D bus simulator game called School Bus Simulator Games 3D.

The pressure is on. You’ve got to pick up the students and drop them to school and handle the traffic. The Dean is quite a tough cookie but if you do your job right, then you just might earn those rare praises!

Enjoy maneuvering the big bus around the bustling city. Drive the students to interesting locations and learning centers. Avoid all the obstacles and keep an eye on the timer. Drive quickly but safely to impress everyone and become their favorite driver!

Are you ready to push the pedal and live up to the demands of the job? Play School Bus Simulator Games 3D for FREE. Download from the AppStore!

Game Features :

80 challenging missions to play through
140 different vehicles including School Buses, SUVs, Police Cars, Sports Cars, etc. to drive.
2 large cities to explore
A Free Drive mode in both cities.
3 assisting camera views, including Dashboard view (driver’s view)
2 cool 3D cities with interesting places to visit.
A Dean with his team of teachers.
Also featuring VIPs like President Trump with senators
NEW: Available in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Indonesian, Russian, Turkish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Dutch, Finnish, Swedish, Vietnamese, Norwegian, Ukrainian, Korean, Malay, Filipino, Romanian, Polish and Kazakh.

Don’t let the students wait! Download School Bus Simulator Games 3D NOW!

About Games2win:
Games2Win is a fun company that believes in creating amazing and enjoyable games for all ages. We have over 800+ proprietary games that are available both online and on mobile. Some of our smash hit games are Parking Frenzy 2.0: Drive&Park, Car Driving SchoolSimulator, Driving Trump Car Simulator 3D, Power Cricket T20 and Driving Academy 2020 Simulator. Currently, our company boasts of more than 220+ million app downloads and 13 million gamers a month. And this is just the beginning!


Contact us at mobile[at] for any problems you may have with School Bus Simulator Games 3D

Privacy Policy:

Additional Information :

First off, For any people who are thinking of getting this game you should it is awesome! I love this game! I do have a couple of requests for the updated version. The first is that when you are in the Open World I feel like you should have the cars run out of gas, when you go around a lot there should be a meter telling you how much gas you have in the car, and then we have to pump the gas at the gas station. Also we should be able to get out of the cars and just walk around when you are in the Open World. We should also be able to go into stores and restaurants and buy stuff and eat stuff. There should be a menu when you are in a restaurant. And there should be a guy behind the counter when you go into the store and you can purchase stuff with your own money, like a snack and a drink. Like what you do in real life. But other than those this game is perfect.

Ok… let’s start this off with saying “this game is really awesome” ok? All that I need to say that’s bad about the game is a few things… ok? I give it a four star… Ok time to cut to the chase… I like the game overall but a few things that are bad is basically when I am in free play mode the camera lags and stays in one spot… also… was I supposed to buy the cars??? I got those for free maybe because I had to UPDATE the game instead of just getting it after the update… also. On the back of the bus That is kind of like super long, the “tour bus” only the left side blinker and brake light… ok? Also on the small bus when I do a blinker.. ( I can’t remember which it is) but it does both lights on that side AND the top light on the other ok… On the 1st bus the back glitches (the black part) I’m sorry if this is too much I don’t expect for you to do all these things at once (no rush) ok well that’s all

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