Retro Highway – Return to the days of pure arcade fun

(Game) Retro Highway

Retro HighwayGame Description :

Hit the Retro Highway and return to the days of blast processing and pure arcade fun!

RetroHighway is a throwback mobile game aiming to combine the accessibility of modern titles with the high-skill challenge and charming aesthetics of old.

Game Features :

Experience high octane old school action on your phone or tablet<
Complete daring challenges and compete with your friends or the whole world for the highest scores
Explore six unique environments ranging from a hot desert to a futuristic moon base
Customize your playstyle by choosing from a diverse garage of 10+ bikes and by upgrading various powerups
Embrace the nostalgia rush caused by stylish pixel art visuals and chiptune soundtrack

Additional Information :

  • Size 86.3 MB
  • Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

User Reviews :

Levels design

What i love:

Objectives change and therefor you can play each level over and over with a different approach. You can try to not crash and set new distance achievement. This is fun on its own. Its also fun to try to reach more specific objectives.

What could be improved:

The gameplay is awesome. I am still playing. The level design could be more interesting. Unlocking new levels is fun, but newer levels are more like obstacle courses, taking the joy out of joy riding. My biggest complaint is that sometimes the level design is a little flat and unrealistic. Like a two way road that just ends. What about a progression through varying types of scenery, Or a fork in the road?. What about being able to get off the beaten track every once in a while. That could be fun. Like jumping on and over bridges. How about making this game a little more scenic, like the corn fields in the first level. Details that feel more genuine and maybe even more realistic. For example the, downtown, level feels a little flat(ie buildings and backgrounds). It could be more immersive while still retaining the retro feel.

Fun game with repetitive tasks

I had a lot of fun with this game. I probably put in around 10-20 hours. I love the retro graphics combined with fluid gameplay. When you get the bikes that handle well, you truly get immersed into the game. Weaving in and out while avoiding deadly obstacles.

That being said, getting to the higher bikes is an absolute chore (without $$$). The tasks to earn in game coins are free, however there’s only 10-15 tasks. This may seem like a lot, but you’ll get through them very quickly. Once complete, they recycle the same tasks with higher numbers. So now I have to fly off 40 ramps. But it takes 5 minutes for 40 Ramos to even appear.

All in all, I enjoyed the game and would highly recommend.

Retro classic

This game is a salute to some of the great arcade racing games. Games like Super Hang-on, Outrun, and Pole Position. If you have ever played any of these games, then give this a try. Big tip: to get that full arcade feel, hold your tablet close to your face, just inches away.

Your on a bike, collecting coins, dodging traffic. You got your turbo boost, and can do some crazy crashes. Think of Retro Highway as one as the home console version of today. You can get the Crazy Taxi arcade version in the App Store, but you get the Crazy Taxi version on your Dreamcast or Steam you get the base game, plus extras.

That is what you get here. You can unlock upgrades, new locations, and new bikes which help you progress. Instead of paying a quarter for five minutes of gameplay or one round, this game costs a download, a tap to start, and an ad or two.

Great game with a couple flaws.

I love this retro racing app! It isn’t too hard and it’s easy to control. I love all the characters and places you can get by getting coins and doing tasks, though I wish there would be more characters. Because I have all the places and characters you can get, and it’s getting a little boring. Also, I wish there were “power ups” instead of just the fuel thing. And just WHY are the characters so expensive? I know I said I already have all the characters but before that, I hated how many coins the characters costed. Other than all that, I think this is a wonderful game.

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