Police Chase Smash – Take Down the targets

(Game) Police Chase Smash

Police Chase SmashGame Description :
Police High Speed Chase Smash action game.
Take Down the targets in this fast paced game.

!New added online mode where you get to chase or runaway with your family and friends or just about anyone globally.
!New added mode where you get to be the Runaway car. Be chased by police!

Avoid traffic, collect pickups to help you through your chase.

Once you get to the target, Smash them!
Get points on how hard you smash them.

Upgrade your Police Ride to the extreme.
Collect coins and buy upgrades.
Get rated for each city you finish.
Game Features :
Race online against friends or just about anyone across the globe.

Fun, addictive for hours of play.

Play Offline.
Race Online to show off your ride.
Chase mode and Runaway mode.
Real 3D environment and cars!
Real physics.
24 different police and runaway cars to upgrade to.
15 US States and more to come.
3 cities in each State.
3 types of pickups(invisible, yield and coins).
6 different types of upgrades each with 5 slots.

Additional Information :

  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
  • Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • Size 593.1 MB

User Reviews :

  1. This is a good game, but I’ve noticed a lot of things that need work on it. 1. The coins don’t give enough money. I spent 20 minutes trying to get enough to upgrade the value of the coins ($1000 worth), and when I finally did, it went from $5 to $7. Kinda disappointing. 2. The yield power up. this thing has caused me to crash more than anything else. When you get it and you change lanes, the car in front of you Al’so changes lanes and you end up crashing into it. 3. The invisible powerup When you get it, you go right through cars. Problem Is, you also go through the car you want to hit while you have it. Please fix these and I’ll start playing it again. Thanks.
  2. I am not into this game anymore, just a couple of minutes ago, I was playing this putrid game, but when I was surviving very long, ( I smashed 5 cars and earned 486 dollars) the car started to tilt and that was very annoying. Obviously, I just brushed it off but the on an on it went got really annoying and I mean ANNOYING! Then it tilted so much that it made me LOSE the game! It would be dumb to rate this game only one star for the sake of it, but this is not on purpose, the game actually made me lose and I am not lying, but my brother doesn’t agree with me one bit. He plays this game a lot, too but he has never experienced what I have, he is standing over me right now begging me to rate this game five stars but I am not listening to him, just completely going with my opinion. I am the type that goes with what I think, not what other people tell me to do. That is frustrating, to have people standing over you saying,” do this, clean my room, do that, sweep the floor”! Trust me, I had that happen to me before. I saw some of the reviews about this game and one person said that the update made the game bad. I haven’t had the update, and this recently started happening to me. Well, my little brother,( his name is Satya) wants to play, good by!

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