Pocket Cowboys – Engage in exciting multiplayer shootouts

(Game) Pocket Cowboys

Pocket CowboysGame Description :
Pocket Cowboys is a real-time, class-based, strategy game set in the lawless Wild West where all players SECRETLY select their actions before revealing their choices at the same time.

Choose to MOVE, SHOOT, or RELOAD as you engage in exciting multiplayer shootouts!

It’s always high noon in Dry Brush and standoffs are abound. Saddle up as you bust your posse out of jail and assemble the most wanted gang in this lawless, untamed frontier!
Collect and upgrade 12 unique character classes like the Sniper, Demolitionist, and Trapper, unlocking their skills and equipping gear. Go on killstreaks to earn wanted status, boosting your rewards, but beware as it also increases the bounty on your head!

Who will become the most wanted cowboy and who will be pushing up daisies? This town ain’t big enough for all of them!
Game Features :
Real-time PvP action
4-player, 3-min deathmatches
Class-based strategic gameplay
Unlockable skills and gear
Wanted status system for boosting rewards and raising your bounty
Helper characters that increase your odds of survival
Hazard characters that add luck and test your strategy
Map events, like dust storms, that keep match durations short
Weekly event matches for raising your fame
Direct matches for battling against your friends

12 diverse character classes, all free to collect (with more to be unveiled soon!)
24 impactful skills, unique to each class’ playstyle
14 handy gear items and sidearms, perfect for gaining an advantage
8 Wild West themed maps, spawning different gameplay elements

An internet connection is required to play Pocket Cowboys.

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Customer Support:
Need help with something? Send us an email: pc-help[at]foglo.se

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Additional Information :

  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
  • Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Size 264.1 MB

User Reviews :

I recently switched phones and lost all my progress for the past 4 months but I still enjoy playing this and getting back to where I was.

A fun turn-based strategy game of each different match with a variety of opponents, classes, and environments. I had myself a good laugh every now and then, from witnessing detonations of the bomber’s land mines to the reign of terror by a knife-wielding trapper. I’ve grown to love the character’s design and abilities that breathes every bit of their personality. My personal favorite being the Trapper and the Desperado. It’s a great game with lots of potential. I support you guys to create more and interesting content for the fans to stay tuned. Maybe new game modes (Survival, 2v2, 1v3???), mechanics, challenges, minigames, or a story to learn more about the characters?

I stumbled upon this cowboy game, and am finding that I’ve really enjoyed playing! The strategy is easy in concept, but it’s challenging and fun to try to make it work! Worth a play, for sure!

Been having a lot of fun trying out the different characters and learning their strats. I’ll be playing it a lot for sure

Haven’t found anything i don’t like about the game yet. A lot of fun too, requires tactics and strategy thinking. This game needs to get really famous.

Nicely done! Playing in a room with my friends and playing against each other was lots of fun! Bows and arrows and horses, oh my!

Very enjoyable and accessible strategy game with a fun art style!

Totally getting into this game! Loving the gameplay!

Good game, not p2w, plenty of interesting choices in lightning fast rounds. I dig.

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