Pixel Car Racer – Build your dream garage

(Game) Pixel Car Racer

Pixel Car RacerGame Description :

Pixel Car Racer is the first of its kind, a retro style arcade racer, featuring a RPG sandbox experience. Build your dream garage with limitless car customization! Take your ride to the streets and race your way to the top.

Game Features :

Drag and Street game modes
Over 100+ Cars!
1000+ Car Parts!
RPG Style Tuning
Dyno Tuning
Beautiful pixel art graphics
Custom Livery Designer
Realistic engine system
Manual gear shifting
Racing style pedals including clutch!
Japan, Euro, US style Cars/Parts.
Active community
Facebook login with cloud saving
Designed for car enthusiasts worldwide

PCR website: www.pixelcarracer.com/
PCR facebook: www.facebook.com/PixelCarRacer/
STUDIO FURUKAWA website: www.studiofurukawa.com/

If experiencing crashing or any bugs, please contact us.

Additional Information :

  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
  • Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • Size 115.8 MB

User Reviews :

  1. I LOVE this game no question about it, I’ve been playing it for the longest time , and I’ve had my fair share of purchases in it… but I recently updated the game (low rider update) and it changed the way the game looked and was “optimized” for my iphoneX. For example before the game was fine and Bc it wasn’t optimized it displayed on my iphoneX the same way it would on any iPhone (rectangle display) but now Bc of the update it tried to “optimize” itself I guess and display itself on the sleeker longer rounded display and here are some issues that came up, first off launching the game , the game is zoomed in (to fit the whole screen) so for example the yellow Rx7 on the home menu is like half cut off and the very bottom bars are at the very edge of the screen, also if I go into my garage , the steering wheel icon and House icon and on each other, and if I go into the parts store I simply cannot click on any objects that are on the top of the wall (ECU, cosmetics, brakes, exhausts) and the engine swap crate barely shows up at the bottom of the screen , only the top half of the rb26 shows…. there’s more but hopefully this is enough to give you an idea of the really bad “optimization”… so I would like to thank the developers if they took their time to read my review and I would love if you guys would correct the optimization so that I could keep playing this amazing game
  2. This game is great! For being only a 2D arcade-style game, there is so much you can do for customization, racing and all that. I do have a few ideas for the developers on how to make this game even better. For example in the parts store, i buy body kits or spoilers or something and i don’t know how they’ll look on my car. It would be great if we could see what we select to purchase before hand so we can see if we like it or not. Also, of course, more cars! Im sure that more cars are going to be added every update but just saying, there is already a large selection and more would be great. I also would like to see more car spots for the garage. So many cars and i can only own a maximum of 6 :(. Now probably the most important to me is the custom decals. They cost 5 diamonds and i only have 3. There are only a couple ways to get diamonds and not a lot. It would be awesome if they were free or maybe just 1 diamond. I have a lot of creativity and i can’t express it in the decals for a car. PS: it would great to add a multiplayer type thing where you can cruise in real time with others and also share designs, tunes and all that. Maybe a car meet mode too where you meet up with others at a parking lot or something and chat and stuff. Lol this was more of a suggestion than a review but still this is a great game everyone, please download it im sure you will love it!

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