Natural Born Soldier – Push your adrenaline to the next level

(Game) Natural Born Soldier

Natural Born Soldier  Game Description :

Looking for solid FPS shooter game where you can play online with friends? You just hit the right game XD.
In one sentence Natural Born Soldier is a fast-paced online multiplayer FPS game that will push your adrenaline to the next level! No bs, and no more bla bla bla XD, dare to download it and join the battlefield to challenge your tactical gunplay and your skills.

NBS is a one-man-made game crafted with a lot of passion, it has features no other FPS has on the whole Apple Store, like play One In The Chamber game mode or EVEN PUT YOUR FACE ON YOUR CHARACTER XD, imagine that playing in a private room with a bunch of friends XD!

Game Features :

Intense multiplayer including various game modes, multiple weapons and well-crafted environments.
1-12 players (co-op or competitive).
20 weapons available
38 skins available for each weapon to design your unique weapon!
31 emotes!
Push the character personalization to next level by customizing your 3D soldier’s face using any picture from your preferred character or even using your own selfie!
More than 1100 customization combinations available to design your unique soldier!
Exclusive game modes like Capture The Wolf and One In The Chamber, and of course also includes classic like FFA, TDM, Bomb Defusal, etc.
Spectate mode (Free cam and 3rd person).
In-game recording to unleash the content creator in you XD.
Smooth, intuitive and customizable controls.
Add your friends, see when they are online and join their current match.
Leaderboards (all-time and weekly with Gold reward for the top5 winners every week automatically credited to your account).
Support Arkade Blaster device!

Focus on improving your skills and having fun without disturbing pop-up ads! You can still watch some at your own pace for gold rewards.


Additional Information :

  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
  • Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Size 995 MB

User Reviews :

  1. The game is great. I really like how you have the option to select a skin for your character (most unique part of the game, don’t remove this feature, I didn’t pay $4.99 to have things removed. Seriously do hate when developers make you pay and in future updates they possibly remove or make the feature free, ANYWAYS…) and not only that but you can also select skins for your weapons. This game deserves way more attention than what it is currently getting, this single dev is putting his heart into the game and we should help out by spreading the word about it. The only thing I don’t really like is the name of the game but that doesn’t stop me from playing or supporting the game. To me a catchy name always gives you a heads up on what to expect. I’m going to be honest I wasn’t going to download the game due to its name until I saw videos on it. Anyways good job, not bad for a single developer. Please continue to update.
  2. I’ve been looking for a good fps game for months but the only stuff on the app store seemed to be pay-to-win. I don’t know how but thankfully I stumbled on this game and I’ve been playing it ever since. It is most importantly fun, with a lot of variation due to the voting system. But to make things even better, this game is NOT pay to win! Winning is 100% skill based, and right away you’re given two assault rifles and a one-shot kill AWM. Getting gold to buy more weapons is done by just playing the game, which reminds me: there are NO ads unless you want free gold! Some advice after playing for a while: I think knives have too much range. Also, Shirakawa or whatever it’s called needs to have more structures. Maybe not buildings but trees and rocks.

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