Motor World Car Factory – Step into the captivating and cheerful Motor World

(Game) Motor World Car Factory

Motor World Car FactoryGame Description :

Step into the captivating and cheerful Motor World, filled with amazing cars and shiny, happy people!

Run a small car factory and turn it into the best company in the world. Build your cars, create new ones, make your workers happy, please your customers, arrange your retail stores and play with your friends.

Game Features :

Mix & create over 300 cars! You’ve gotta build them all!
Manage & evolve your workers
Improve your factory and retailing stores to attract customers

Be the trend maker! Produce range of cars that reflects your personality
Conquer fans around the world
Overcome wacky quests & unexpected events

Compete with other car makers on Game Center
Race against friends
Recruit them as workers
Send items & receive gifts

Enjoy several bonus mini-games
Meet colorful characters, including FatCheez, The Doc, Catman, Mr Coffee and many more!
The life-like crowd, wacky situations, intuitive controls and hitch-less game mechanics will get you hooked forever!

Find secrets & tips to become the best car maker on:
Facebook at:
Twitter: @oh_bibi

Additional Information :

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
Size 120.5 MB

User Reviews :

  1. I love the game and also really like that there is never a point where you have to wait hours and hours, there’s always a free way to skip over wait times. The only thing that I find a little annoying is that there are no confirmation screens for buying things with cash, a lot of times I’ll accidentally graze the button for the donut menu while I’m reaching across the screen to tap something and I’ll end up wasting 5 cash on 10 donuts when I could’ve just watched a video to get my bar refilled, and it’s especially annoying being that just about the only way to get better workers is with cash which is already hard enough to obtain. But other than that it’s a good game all around.
  2. I have played this for 6 months. The ads are MUCH worse, it crashes a lot (suspiciously often as I’m making real progress), and upgrading your team takes way too long and they are not effective even when you evolve. I have purchased in game items and they often fail to help me and improve my chances minimally if at all. My fighting team in the game is fairly advanced now that I’ve played as long as I have yet I frequently blown out in fighting rounds because my team inexplicably missed to land hits, the value of what they land is low, and the other team fighting me almost never misses and their hits have far more effect. Also, in challenges where you must gather different items like gems, good luck getting enough of at least one type. In 4 days of playing the last challenge, I’ve had the opportunity to win a green gem exactly one time and you need 4. I brought a stronger character to help me get to the final round to win the opportunity to play for a game and that has minimally helped. It feels very rigged to work against you so you have no choice but to spend a lot of money and you get very little in return. Super frustrating and I will be playing less of at all due to the blatant money grab here. It should be a fun little game but can’t be when it takes this long to advance and the deck is stacked against you.

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