iRollerCoaster – Have fun in your own summer theme park

(Game) iRollerCoaster

iRollerCoasterGame Description :

iRollerCoaster is the ultimate roller coaster and theme park simulation game!
Ride perfectly engineered realistic roller coaster tracks all over the world. You can compete in real-time online competitions for high scores. You can have fun in your own summer theme park whenever you want!

Ride world-class tracks in the following cities:

Monte Carlo, Monaco
Orlando, Florida
Williamsburg, Virginia
Cape Town, South Africa
London, England
Zermatt, Switzerland
Las Vegas, Nevada
Los Angeles, California
Canberra, Australia
Paris, France
Tokyo, Japan
Atlantic City, New Jersey

Warning iRollerCoaster does not feature emergency brakes, backup generators, or shutoff valves. The cars could spiral out of control; causing nausea, whiplash, or sudden death.

Our roller coasters use a realistic lift hill cable to pull the cars to the peak of the track. Once the cars reach the peak, potential energy accumulated by the rise in height transfers to kinetic energy and the cars race downwards. Some energy is lost to friction on the track itself. The effects of gravity are taken into account to increase speed and accelerations accurately. You can experience several G’s of force on high-speed turns!

Game Features :

Advanced OpenGL graphics
Music and sound effects
Online high score database
High-resolution textures
Compatible with iPad Pro

iRollerCoaster is brought to you by the makers of World Winter Games and iBASEjump.

Have fun with iRollerCoaster and enjoy the ride!

Additional Information :

  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Apple TV.
  • Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Size 91.8 MB

User Reviews :

  1. Fun rollercoaster simulator for little ones overall but it is not do kids. I know the creators probably didn’t realize this but it uses the same soundtrack and once you hit a specific part of the rollercoaster one of the coaster riders will drop an f bomb. Now parents, if you want, you can have them turn the volume down or just not get the app overall. Thanks for everyone that read this I just needed to make it clear
  2. It used to be fun when you created coaster no you just ride so boring put the create back in and your in business
  3. A fun game to do on your free time not to boring not to much it’s just right just wish there could be more to it then just popping balloons like I wish I can control the coaster but a good game to do on your free time get it and play it will be fun and if it’s not that’s okay that means your not as much laid back but it’s okay like I said get this game sit back and CHILL

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