Deploy and Destroy – Dive into the secret underworld of John Wick

(Game) Deploy and Destroy – John Wick

Deploy and DestroyGame Description :

Get ready to Deploy and Destroy with JOHN WICK, ASH VS EVIL DEAD, and DIVERGENT!

Game Features :

Dive into the secret underworld of John Wick, the terrifying fun of Ash vs. Evil Dead and post-apocalyptic locations of Divergent. Choose from a gallery of your favorite Hollywood action heroes or create your own with a full suite of customization options – arm them to the teeth before taking them head-to-head against your friends in cinematic arenas.

Fight against your friends in multiple game modes: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and now in co-op Deadite Survival PVE mode!

Feeling competitive? Join a ranked match! League play allows you to use the highest-tier weapons and armor, so your victories are based on skill alone.

Stay tuned for updates, and get ready to Deploy and Destroy!

Additional Information :

  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
  • Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Size 1.3 GB

User Reviews :

  1. I absolutely love this game! I have been dying for a game that lets you destroy enemies with a boomstick in one hand, and a chainsaw for your other! I love how all of the characters look very alike to the actors that portray them, you guys nailed it! And I absolutely love the gentle humming of the chainsaw and how it butchers your foes in one aggressive jab. I also love how it isn’t a pay to win or pay to play game, and you can earn all the currency you need through leveling up. I cannot wait for future updates! A few things that would be neat would be the addition of an “Army of Darkness” Ash, where he has a metal chest plate and a cape, and the power glove he had that was made from a knight’s metal gauntlet. You could also add his wooden hand from the very beginning of season 1 as a weapon just for laughs, and call it “Woody” (LOL) You could also add a revolver to Pablo’s arsenal since he used one near the end of season 1, and you could add a Glock as well for both Pablo and Kelly to use. The kandarian dagger would also make a great edition, maybe make a version of the boomstick with it duct-taped on. You guys have done an OUTSTANDING job on this game, I really enjoy playing it and I cannot wait for what’s to come! Thank you!
  2. Love this game and trying to turn my friends on to it. Graphics are good, and the action is great. If you liked the old call of duty games where you could find interesting glitches and places to get into for a better advantage point you’ll definitely dig this game. I would’ve given it 5stars if some things were different. The first is the more world/maps.. I feel and I’m not the only one, that instead of wasting resources on this tournament thing(which is dumb) hey should’ve used that time and money to create more maps and new weapons. Preferably more like the city environments, cause the ash board is too dark and lame. And the reason the tournament is dumb is simple. This is a “Mobile Game” not a console or cpu game. It’s ridiculous to try and do everything yourself (shooting, aiming etc…) But all that aside it’s an awesome game and I look forward to new maps and weapons and hopefully the eradication of tournament mode.

    Developer Response

    Hey Jamezon! Totally understand your point. But making tournament and adding content like world/maps are not overlapping tasks – people who create the game content such as new IP/world, maps, etc. are absolutely different from the ones crafting the tournament. So, by the end of this summer there’s going to be a boom – new movie characters, map, customization, new functionality, new mode. All what we’ve worked on for months will come out in a surprisingly big update! Thank you for playing the game and for your high evaluation!

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